Ready, Fire, Aim vs. Ready, Aim, Fire

At Schuth & Associates, we help you realize savings sooner rather than later because we understand your business and the effects that supply chain spending can have on it. Our 40+ years of experience on both sides of the MRO fence allows us to quickly get a grasp on your challenges and help you overcome obstacles in a short period of time.

We incentivize ourselves to help you achieve savings quickly by basing our working agreements on fixed fees and results achieved rather than hours billed. Unlike consultants you may have used from the Big 5, we know almost immediately what’s addressable and controllable, and what to do on the shop floor to bring MRO spending under control.

The companies we’ve helped realize more than $1 billion in savings and operational performance improvement are in these industry sectors:

  • Global Manufacturing
  • Automotive Components
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Oil, Gas & Mining Services
  • Healthcare Equipment & Hospital Services
  • Chemical Processing
To help you achieve significant savings over a short period of time…

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